Ariel All-in-One High Power Sensor is the Best Solution Available for Measuring Laser in Industrial Applications – Here’s Why

In industrial applications such as additive manufacturing, welding, and cutting, you of course want to keep yields and efficiency high – and keep scrap to a minimum. That means the process needs to be carefully monitored, and the measurements will need to be accurate and fast. 

Saves you valuable production time (and money) comparing to similar solutions available

The Ariel, which can fit in the palm of your hand, can measure up to 8kW average power – and it can do so in just 3 seconds.
That means, for example, that it can help you complete a machine’s step-up testing in about a third of the time it would take using similar solutions available today.

The Ariel’s high heat capacity (14kJ total exposure) means you can work through a test procedure continuously for much longer before needing a cool-down break. That ability saves you valuable production time (and money).

For facilities having both air- and argon-filled chambers…well, the Ariel can operate in both, without needing to change its calibration settings.

Reporting measurements results quickly and flexibly

The instrument’s job, of course, isn’t finished once it has taken a measurement; it also has to output the results to you. Reporting the measurement results is easy and flexible. You can use the built-in display, wireless Bluetooth communication, or a USB interface, to accommodate the specific communication/reporting needs of your facility.

Short turnaround time when recalibrated

As with any precision measurement instrument, especially when used in high-power industrial applications, recalibration and perhaps repair are needed from time to time. Thanks to Ophir’s 4 Service Centers around the world, the Ariel can be serviced “close to home”, assuring a short turnaround time to minimize any impact on your processes.

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