Author: Jonathan Feust

Measure Very High Power Lasers with a Small Air-Cooled Sensor – Now Supported by Centauri

If you have any experience monitoring lasers of varying powers, you should be familiar with the basic categories of thermal sensors

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Update StarLab for New Features and Complete Compatibility

Unless you’re new to StarLab, you probably already know that we come out with a new version every couple of years.
The new version is free to download, so there’s no reason not to go ahead and download it now.
But time is money, so here are a few reasons to take two minutes and download StarLab 3.40.

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How to use Centauri Data Logging

With Centauri’s latest firmware, you can log up to 2 GB of data onboard, as well as up to 32 GB on a USB flash drive. That’s equivalent to hundreds of log files onboard alone (depending on the various log file parameters).

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Measure Average Power of VCSELs with Centauri

VCSELs and other low frequency are not trivial to monitor them with a standard photodiode. See how Ophir addresses this with its recently added feature

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Highly Versatile Laser Power Meter Setup

The Centauri power meter has the best of both worlds. It’s not a full PC of course, but has nearly the same feature set as our StarLab software, with a large, 7” touch screen.

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Connect Your Centauri Power Meter Directly to Your PC

Centauri now connects to our well established StarLab PC application! The StarLab application together with a Centauri meter turns your PC into a full-fledged advanced laser power/energy meter at your fingertips on your PC keyboard

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Meet Centauri – Ophir’s New High End Portable Laser Power/Energy Meter

When talking about power/energy meters there are certain parameters that almost never change. Generally, smaller meters have smaller screens and larger screens are only found in bigger and bulkier equipment. Well, prepare to be amazed! Contact us

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How can I communicate with an Ophir laser Power Meter using a Linux machine?

Let’s say the computers used in your laser environment happen to use Linux as an operating system, and you want to integrate the laser measurements from an Ophir laser power meter into your Linux computer system, preferably via USB communication. Here’s how you can make it happen quickly and easily: Contact us

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The only hand-held Ophir meter that measures laser exposure/dosage

Usually, when discussing laser measurements, we often refer to the power or energy of the laser. Sometimes though, we need to measure the total energy Exposure – the total sum of the laser energy deposited over a set amount of time. Contact us

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A closer look: Ophir’s most versatile, advanced, ‘do it all’ laser power meter

Another regular day at the office…Let’s say you need to perform a recorded log of the stability of the power density, position and size of your laser beam and present it as data in a table to your manager in a very short time…What would be the ultimate power/energy meter for the task? Contact us

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StarLab 3.30 screen capture feature – Simple, quick and ‘on the go’

In case you want your electronically record of laser measurements to be done quickly and effectively the ‘Screen Capture’ feature is the best way to go. ‘Screen Capture’ is a simple and quick method to save or print what is presently displayed in StarLab, Ophir’s Laser Measurement PC Software.

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StarLab 3.30 Pass/Fail limits feature – A closer look

In case you weren’t aware -The ‘pass/fail’ feature can be used as a tool to perform QA final inspection on the laser. Developers can use this to demonstrate the results of a prototype laser to Management (or even VC’s!) as part of the pitch for funding.
How? Read more:

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