Author: Kevin Kirkham

Why and How to Profile Challenging Laser Applications

We introduce three techniques for monitoring the critical characteristics of the beam as the laser is used in three very different applications: (a) VSCEL / Laser Diode Mode and beam divergence, (b) Additive Manufacturing lasers used is 3D SLM / SLS, and (c) Fiber welding / heat treating / cleaning lasers. We will discuss three…

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Ensure Quality Laser Welds for High Pressure Vessels

High pressure vessels (over 100 PSI) have high quality standards for their structural integrity, for obvious reasons. Weld points can often pose a critical failure, so these especially must be tested to withstand the high pressure of gas that the container will be used for. Remote laser welding stations typically use multimode, multi-kilowatt fiber lasers…

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Lab Story: Laser Measurement System for Stability and Quality

The R&D lab of a large jet engine manufacturer uses a laser welding cell in order to test and develop new laser processes. They needed a solution to ensure the laser remained stable and of the best possible quality. Their lab has two main lasers, both in the near-IR (1 μm). One is a multimode…

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