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2010-7-8 – beamgage
Laser Beam Profilers

BeamGage: The Next Generation of Laser Beam Analysis Software.

The latest software released by Ophir-Spiricon is BeamGagewhich is the first software that analyzes both laser power/energy (Ophir’s expertise) and beam profiling (Spiricon’s expertise) simultaneously. BeamGage which can be used with any PC with Windows XP and beyond at a 32-bit mode, uses time stamps on both the laser power meter readings and the beam profile data, in order to attain a more complete understanding of your laser’s performance. In order to ensure accurate measurements, BeamGage is based on UltraCal™, Ophir-Spiricon’s patented baseline correction algorithm that helped establish the ISO 11146-3 standard for beam measurement accuracy. BeamGage, which comes with BeamMaker®, a beam simulator, and many other features, supplies a wide range of data analysis, something currently unavailable elsewhere. With fifty five measurement options, very little is now left to the imagination. Read the press release here.

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