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How to measure a Barcode scanning laser?

Measuring the power of scanning lasers such as barcode scanners presents a problem. A bar code laser beam scans back and forth at a very high frequency so an ordinary photodiode power meter will not measure the power in the beam but rather the average power impinging on it, i.e. the power times the fraction…

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How to measure the peak power of a pulsed laser

Here’s a peak power calculator, if that’s what you wanted. Read on if you’re interested in how to measure the real pulse shape of your laser – and use it to calculate the peak power. When working with pulsed laser sources, laser developers and scientists are often interested in knowing the peak power, the highest…

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Beam Profile FAQ

FAQ- Should I upgrade to the latest version of BeamGage

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When to Use a Rapid Pulse Sensor

When to Use a Rapid Pulse Sensor?
The rapid pulse (RP) laser has a few major drawbacks. Among others, it is bulky and expensive.

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Is My Camera-Based Laser Beam Profiler Accurate?

Customers ask us how they can know if their laser beam profiler is accurate. This is an excellent and important question but unfortunately, there is no simple answer. The article “A discussion of laser beam profiling and the subject of accuracy” goes in depth explaining what in the Ophir-Spiricon analyzers leads to high accuracy. Two…

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