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Choosing the Right Photodiode Power Sensor

This post is meant to help the uninitiated and trained professional alike to navigate the process of choosing the right photodiode for their application.

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Meet the Team: Raphi Cohen, One of Our Sr. Scientists, Reveals the Biggest Takeaways from His Recent Projects

If you’ll ask Raphi Cohen, Sr. Scientist at Ophir Photonics, what’s the favorite part of his work he’ll simply reply: “Finding solutions for new problems that arise”. But if you’ll dig a bit deeper, he’ll explain that: “As opposed to a position that keeps you in a ‘box’, the work at Ophir demands to keep…

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Meet the Team: Mark Slutzki, Our Product Manager, Reveals How He Manages to Keep Up on the Latest Developments in Laser & Photonic Measurements

In this week’s blog post we’re excited to introduce you to Mark Slutzki, our experienced product Manager

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Glossary of Optical Specifications

There are many specifications used to define optical components, such as lenses, mirrors,
windows, etc. Some, like focal length, might seem obvious. Others, like power
and centration, might not be as self-explanatory.
Here is an incomplete glossary of some of the most commonly used specifications for

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Linearity of Laser Power & Energy Sensors: What Is It and How Does It Affect Your Accuracy?

When you need to know precisely how accurate your measurement equipment is linearity is a factor you should defiantly look for. What exactly is linearity? Read more

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How It Works: Measuring Laser Power with a Thermal Sensor

There are many ways to measure laser output: You can use a photodiode, thermopile, or pyroelectric sensor. This post will discuss how a thermopile is used to measure your laser (basics only) and what types of lasers it is suitable for. Measurement Mechanism Thermopiles measure lasers indirectly, by measuring how much the thermal disk heated…

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Measure Very High Power Lasers with a Small Air-Cooled Sensor – Now Supported by Centauri

If you have any experience monitoring lasers of varying powers, you should be familiar with the basic categories of thermal sensors

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How It Works: Measuring Laser Power with a Photodiode Sensor

This post will discuss how a photodiode measures your laser (basics only) and what types of lasers it is suitable for.

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How It Works: Measuring Laser Power with a Pyroelectric Sensor

This post will discuss how a pyroelectric sensor measures your laser (basics only) and what types of lasers it is suitable for.

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2 simple steps to keep you up to date with the laser measurement industry

I don’t know about you, but in the normal everyday stressful routine I always wish I had more time to read and specialize professionally. Somehow, though, my ‘learning time’ always gets pushed down the priority ladder. There is always one more meeting to attend, or one last e-mail to send, before I get to invest…

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VCSEL Measurement: Challenges and Solutions

Tired of your customers complaining that your VCSEL system is too power-hungry, or just doesn’t perform as it should? You try to measure each VCSEL power, pulse, and beam profile, but there are some technical issues. The beam is highly diverging, and maybe it’s even a pulsed or modulated laser. Measuring any aspect of a…

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Watch: Laser Measurement Solutions for High Power Industrial Laser Applications

Struggling to keep the quality of your industrial laser process consistently high enough? You’re no alone. Modern production facilities must constantly increase throughput, at less cost, with less scrap, and with minimum downtime. In this video verview, you will learn how application of new, advanced technology in measurement devices, can help both designers and users…

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