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Luminous Quality For Optimal Photobiomodulation

Light has an impact on our well-being — this conclusion has been drawn by numerous studies across the globe. In particular, positive effects can be achieved with light in the red and infrared wavelengths. With this in mind, Lichtblock GmbH has developed a compact light system that radiates red light in wavelengths of 630, 660…

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Laser World of Photonics 2023 Here We Come!

The LASER World of PHOTONICS trade fair will be held at Messe Munich in Germany between 27th and 30th June 2023 – and Ophir will be there! Stop by the MKS booth, hall 3 booth 219 to see what’s new in laser beam profiling, power/energy measurement, and IR optics. Here’s why you want to come…

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Nature Centric Lighting – You Cannot Improve What You Don’t Measure

During the past years LED luminaires revolutionized the lighting industry and found their way into all areas of living. The advantages are convincing private users as well as authorities and companies: LED technology saves energy, offers nearly unlimited design options and finally enables the construction of completely new products. The main feature of LED luminaires…

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Watch Product Overview: PD300RM-UVA Irradiance and Dosage Sensor

We’ve recently introduced you to a new member that joined the Ophir’s irradiance and dosage sensor family – PD300RM-UVA and its important new features compared to its older brothers.  Now we’re happy to share the following video that’ll show you exactly what the Ophir PD300RM-UVA does, and how to use it. Contact us

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Find the Ideal Measurement Solution for Your Laser Applications

As more and more fields employ optronics, special tools must be developed to ensure that the lasers and light-emitting devices in these applications are precise and perform within a very small margin of error. Ophir has a wide range of beam analysis tools that are the ideal choice for these optronics applications. Medical Applications You’re…

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Challenges and Opportunities of UV Disinfection

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on disinfection technology. UV radiation is a promising approach to prevent airborne infections and infections caused by exposure to contaminated surfaces. It has long been known as an option to inactivate pathogenic microorganisms, especially for water disinfection. Today, it is increasingly used in surface disinfection applications, as well.…

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PD300RM-UVA: Ophir’s New Irradiance and Dosage Sensor

A new member recently joined Ophir’s irradiance and dosage sensor family – PD300RM-UVA, and it has some important new features compared to its older brothers. In this blog post we will discuss its benefits and advantages for certain applications, such as measuring broadband LED sources. First we consider its design – it has a 2.75…

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Don’t miss Ophir’s Virtual Booth at the SPIE Photonics West 2021 Digital Exhibition!

Photonics West may be virtual this year, but we’ll be there to help you succeed with your challenging laser measurement projects and applications. It is well known that Ophir has a wide range of beam analysis tools that are the ideal choice for every laser measurement application. Here’s a little taste of the solutions you’ll…

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Save the Date – Photonics West 2021 Digital Exhibition Here We Come!

You wouldn’t want to miss Ophir at the MKS Virtual Booth during Photonics West this year !Our team at Ophir Photonics have prepared some amazing things for you to see and (virtually) try, including several exciting new products in addition to quite a few of our classics (we’ll reveal more details soon…) During the show…

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The Evolution of Man-made Light Sources

Nowadays, LED lights are everywhere! The LED market is expected to grow by an order of magnitude in the decade that will end in 2023, and incandescent light bulbs will soon become history, as more and more countries prevent their sell due to their inefficiency. But how did it all start? Read more to find out

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2 simple steps to keep you up to date with the laser measurement industry

I don’t know about you, but in the normal everyday stressful routine I always wish I had more time to read and specialize professionally. Somehow, though, my ‘learning time’ always gets pushed down the priority ladder. There is always one more meeting to attend, or one last e-mail to send, before I get to invest…

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LED is in, Tungsten is out, even as a calibration standard

The FGC100 LED calibration standard is used to calibrate the FluxGage LED luminaire measurement system.
Radiometric measurement systems have relied on tungsten filament lamps as a calibration standard for years. Why should be FGC100 be any different?

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