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How to measure power of very low power pulsed laser beams

When using a photodiode laser power sensor to measure very low power pulsed beams (nW to mW), there are some issues you need to be aware of. This video shows you how to avoid some common problems and ensure maximum accuracy. Contact us

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Measuring very high power, very large laser beams, very fast!

Measuring very large beams at tens of KW, multi-KJ pulses… Our new patent-pending technology now makes these practical, and the sensors have extremely fast response times as well. Contact us

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NanoScan-Scanning-Slit Profilers: Common causes of damage & reasons for out-of-tolerance

With proper care, your NanoScan slit-based beam profiler will provide many years of trouble-free operation. This video provides tips to help you get the most life from your NanoScan profiler, with examples of slit damage and how to avoid it. Contact us

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The uncertainties in laser measurement

Ophir’s CTO, Dr. Ephraim Greenfield, discusses in the attached video the various factors that contribute to uncertainties in laser measurement when using Ophir laser power and energy meters Contact us

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Measuring Laser Focus Spot Size in an Industrial Medical Device Application

This step-by-step tutorial shows how to set up a camera-based beam profiling system on an industrial single-pulse laser welding system, demonstrates how to simultaneously analyze a laser’s focused spot, measure a laser’s energy per pulse, and measure temporal pulse shape. Contact us

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How to Use Your Power Meter at Any Wavelength

Don’t see the wavelength that you need among the defaults? Don’t worry. Ophir power meters are just as wavelength-flexible as your laser power or energy sensor is. Watch this video to see how easy it is to set your power meter to any wavelength within range. Contact us

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Measuring Laser Power and Energy With Ophir’s Laser Measurement Meters And Sensors: How To Learn More?

Ophir sensors and meters can measure laser energy, power output, pulse repeatability, and frequency from laser sources ranging from Ultraviolet to Far Infra-red and everything in between. Watch our introduction to laser measurement with power meters and sensors. Contact us

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