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Ethernet Laser Power Meter

You can now measure your laser directly from the Ethernet network, without any need to go through a PC.

Ophir’s new EA-1 is an Ethernet Adapter which can be used with virtually all power sensors to turn them into an Ethernet laser power meter

What’s Ethernet good for anyway?

Of course, this is needed any time that Ethernet is the main communications system in place where the laser is used.

That includes many industrial automation environments, as well as other applications.

Another use case is simply the ability to have really long “cables.”  In our case, by cables I actually mean the Ethernet network in place in your factory or workplace.  So once you connect the sensor through the EA-1 to your Ethernet jack, you can access (control and measure) your laser power meter from anywhere in your network.

This brings me to the last application of an Ethernet-enabled sensor: remote monitoring.  Maybe you’re a supervisor for field technicians, or you simply have to monitor the entire factory.  Ethernet connectivity means you can do this literally anywhere that you have internet.

How to Use the EA-1

Mark Slutzki (Ophir Photonics Product Manager) gives a very good overview of the EA-1 features and how it can be used, including:

  • Connections
  • What’s in the box
  • Communication protocols
  • Applications
  • Powering the EA-1
  • and more…

… in this 6.5 minute video:

Find out more info on the EA-1 Ethernet Adapter here.

How will you use the EA-1 Ethernet Adapter?

Let me know in the comments!



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