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Integrating Sphere Fundamentals and Applications

So, what is an Integrating Sphere really?

An integrating sphere collects electromagnetic radiation from a source, usually external to the optical device, for flux measurement or optical attenuation. Radiation introduced into an integrating sphere strikes the reflective walls and undergoes multiple diffuse reflections.

After numerous reflections, the radiation is dispersed highly uniformly at the sphere walls. The resulting integrated radiation level is directly proportional to the initial radiation level and may be measured easily using a detector.

Various solutions for a variety of applications

Ophir’s general purpose spheres are designed as cost effective spheres to be configured in various ways for a variety of applications.

Using the right accessories, a single sphere can perform various integrating sphere tasks such as uniform illumination, light measurement, and reflectance measurement with reasonable accuracy.

Click here To learn more about Integrating Sphere materials, advantages for light measurement and our IS6 integrating sphere family.



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