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Measure the Beam Quality of Your High Power Laser Was Never So Simple

Tim uses 5 KW near infrared (NIR) laser cutting system. Recently he received QC indication that his cutting system became less accurate and continuing to degrade further.

Power meter didn’t indicate any change, so Tim needed to analyze the focused beam profile.

Using a beam profiler camera equipped with Ophir new patent pending LBS-300HP-NIR beam splitter that can be used with lasers with up to 5KW power and 15MW/cm2 power density, Tim was able perform focal spot analysis at working power and found focal shift.

Measuring focal spot at real power allowed Tim to understand and correct his near infrared laser cutting system malfunction. If Tim wants, he can also perform simultaneous measuring of beam profile and laser power by adding power meter to the setup.

Now, Tim performs periodical beam profile measurement of his near infrared laser cutting system and corrects the setup if required to ensure his manufacturing yield.

To learn more about how the LBS-300HP-NIR operates with High Power NIR lasers, click here



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