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Meet the Team: Raphi Cohen, One of Our Sr. Scientists, Reveals the Biggest Takeaways from His Recent Projects

If you’ll ask Raphi Cohen, Sr. Scientist at Ophir Photonics, what’s the favorite part of his work he’ll simply reply: “Finding solutions for new problems that arise”. But if you’ll dig a bit deeper, he’ll explain that: “As opposed to a position that keeps you in a ‘box’, the work at Ophir demands to keep updated with the new developments in the laser industry. Regardless of the field of application, be it terahertz lasers, high power directed energy,  lidar and even optogenetics – everyone needs a sensor. It makes my work interesting and dynamic”.

When isn’t at work, Raphi enjoys doing fun things with his family, learn new stuff and sometimes just to read on the couch.

We took a few moments of his work schedule to find out about his takeaways from his recent projects, and to hear about how he believes Ophir is advancing its expertise in laser measurement.

What are some current projects you are working on?

I am currently working on developing new high power sensor designs for power and beam characterization

What are the biggest takeaways from product development/project you were involved in?

I’ve had the chance to take part in an external audit for ISO17025, the international accreditation for calibration laboratories. My biggest takeaway from this, is that Ophir has a world class calibration process and that we need to do more to bring this to the attention of our customers.

As new applications emerge, how is Ophir advancing its laser measurement expertise to keep pace?

Ophir invests a lot of resources in development and improvement of its product line. Since we have joined the MKS family we have developed relationships with fellow scientists in MKS who have a broad ranges of expertise, this is helping Ophir not only to keep pace but also stay a step ahead…



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