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Must You Measure Industrial Laser Performance?

With all the advancements in laser technology, lasers have become higher quality and more consistent.

Laser manufacturers test and measure their lasers during development, to make sure you, the laser end user, get the highest quality laser system.

With all this in mind then, do you really have to measure your laser system?

John McCauley (Ophir Photonics Product Specialist) says, “Yes.”

There are three fundamentals of using and monitoring an industrial laser, and these have not changed:

  1. Lasers are made of physical components, which degrade over time.
  2. The power density of the laser system will determine the success of the industrial laser process.
  3. Industrial lasers usually operate in relatively dirty work environments which are very hard on laser system components.
  4. When laser components degrade, the power density will change.

Read John’s full article to find out how to overcome the barriers to industrial laser performance measurement.



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