Quasar and Starlab Bring Wireless Laser Power Measurements to Your PC

The Quasar Bluetooth PC interface device is a small wireless power meter which attaches to Ophir power/energy sensors. Measurements are transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth to a PC and the StarLab software.

The Quasar functions as a remote laser power/energy meter allowing optimum placement of the sensor and separate optimum placement of the PC or laptop with no connecting cables. An internal rechargeable battery in the Quasar powers the device as well as the sensor attached.

StarLab is Ophir’s easy-to-use, yet powerful, laser measurement software that turns a PC into a multi-channel laser power/energy display station.

No strings attached

Occasionally, one of the inconveniences in the measurement of laser power and energy can be what to do with the cables connecting the PC to the power sensor.

A quick and neat installation, with no additional cables to be laid out, is the Quasar interface when used with StarLab PC software.

This is a great solution for the following cases:

  1. Your laser system is already burdened by an excess of wires. 
  2. You’d like to measure and analyze your laser somewhere else, like the convenience of a nearby office, even though the laser itself is in the lab.
  3. In cases of very high power lasers where the laser system is too dangerous to be exposed to while in use and the operator has to stand behind laser safety barriers and laying cables under or around the barriers is difficult or inconvenient.
  4. The laser operates in a sealed environment such as a glove box, a vacuum chamber or clean room, where it is difficult to pass cables from the outside.

Quasar broadcasts to your PC over a range of up to several tens of meters, depending on surroundings, and its internal rechargeable battery enables it to keep doing so for over 40 hours whenever not connected to its power supply.

To sum m it all up…

Together with the Ophir StarLab laser measurement software package, the Quasar turns your PC into a complete laser power and energy work station, with advanced measurement processing, extensive graphical display capabilities, data logging, and much more, able to monitor up to 7 Quasars simultaneously.

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