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Smaller Is Better – A New Line of Thermal Laser Power Sensors.

An array of pins cool the device and keep its size down to around half of other comparable sensors on the market.The new line of Ophir thermal laser power sensors is out! These sensors are very compact because of their cooling systems.“These thermal laser power sensors are produced with a new manufacturing process that allows the devices’ disks to stand up to higher temperatures,” stated Ephraim Greenfield, CTO, Laser Measurement Group, Ophir-Spiricon. “This means they are more reliable under continued use and when cycling at high powers. And because of their superior cooling capacity, the devices are half the volume of competitive productsfor the same maximum power levels.”

There are two levels of sensors in this line. The low-medium power thermal sensors are designed for power levels from 50mWto 150W while the medium-high power sensors are designed for higher power applications up to 400W.

To find out more about the benefits and details of the new line, read the thermal power sensors announcement.


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