SPIE Photonics West 2023 Here We Come!

Going to San Francisco for “SPIE Photonics West 2023”?
You wouldn’t want to miss Ophir at Booth #927! Here is why…

Our sales team at Ophir Photonics have prepared some amazing things for you to see and try, including several exciting new products in addition to quite a few of our classics:

  • Measurement Solutions for high power lasers for various applications (both power meters & beam profilers)
  • Laser measurement solutions for material micro-processing applications
  • OEM customized solutions

Here are some more details about what you can expect to see from us (among many other solutions):

Laser measurement solutions for industrial high power applications

  • – Specialized sensors with high damage threshold & wide spectral range
  • – Rugged design for industrial production environment
  • – Power & energy measurement solutions for up to 120 kW

Laser measurement solutions for additive manufacturing applications

Ariel: Ultra-Compact All in One Laser Sensor
  • – A self-contained, ultra-compact laser power meter for measuring high power industrial lasers up to 8KW
  • – Designed for OEM and end-user applications in closed and confined spaces, such as additive manufacturing, metal cutting, and welding
  • – Robust, battery-powered device that requires no water or fan cooling and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand

BeamPeek™Combined Beam Analysis & Power Measurement System for Additive Manufacturing
  • – Measurement in less than 3 seconds
  • – No fan/ water cooling
  • – Measures up to 1kW for 1 minute
  • – Suitable for both NIR & green laser-based AM systems
  • – Compact, lightweight and robust
  • – Ideal for field service testing – No production halting
  • – Patent pending

Laser measurement solutions for automotive applications

IPM-10KW – Modular Industrial Laser Power Meter for Dusty, Dirty Production Operations
  • – Versatile, robust high power measurement system
  • – Modular design for maximum flexibility – enabling  you to assemble the ultimate solution for your application.
  • – Ideal for tough production environment
  • – IP62 (with shutter installed) 

Helios Plus Industrial Laser Power Meter
  • – An expanded version of the Ophir Helios industrial laser power meter.
  • – Measures high power industrial lasers of up to 12kW
  • – Provides an expanded choice of wavelengths:
    • 450-550nm (blue/green)
    • 900-1100nm (infrared)

Laser measurement solutions for material micro-processing applications

  • – Average power measurement for high repetition rate, short pulse width lasers up to 200W
  • – Addressing various combinations of energy levels, repetition rates, pulse width & beam sizes
  • – Markets: SEMI, PCB, Flat panel manufacturing (OLED)
  • – PV panels and thin and brittle materials as glass or ceramics
  • – Measures Nanosecond, Picosecond and Femtosecond pulse width lasers

We also invite you to see some of our latest Customized Solutions (OEM s)

Here you’ll see some more of our leading customized solutions that were made on demand in medical/automotive/semiconductor/communications/defense industries and are trusted by laser manufacturers worldwide

I guess by now you think we’re done…

Well, not quite…

We wouldn’t want you miss our variety of catalog sensors, from fW-hundreds of KW as well as Meters (Displays),PC Interfaces & Beam Profilers:

 NanoScan  / BeamWatch / Laser Pyroelectric Energy Sensors/ StarBright/ StarLite/ Centauri/ Juno Plus/ LBS-HP-NIR/ SP932U/ WB-I ViS

Looking forward to meet you and answer your every question!
See you soon…

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