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Laser Power Measuring Simplified with Wireless technology

In many instances extra cables in the work space from laser power meters, can be anywhere from a nuisance to detrimental to the work process.

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Is My Camera-Based Laser Beam Profiler Accurate?

Customers ask us how they can know if their laser beam profiler is accurate. This is an excellent and important question but unfortunately, there is no simple answer. The article “A discussion of laser beam profiling and the subject of accuracy” goes in depth explaining what in the Ophir-Spiricon analyzers leads to high accuracy. Two…

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A Shopping List for Your Beam Profiler

Choosing the best profiler for a laser is a complex process. There is no one profiler available that works with all lasers because of all the factors involved. Here we’d like to help you begin figuring out what to focus on when doing laser profiler shopping (window or otherwise).

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The New Sensor Finding Program Can Now Be Found On Our Site

The new Sensor Finder program on Ophir Laser Measurement website

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How To Prevent Damage To Your Thermal Laser Sensor: Some Helpful Hints.

The Ophir-Spiricon thermal laser sensors are made to last through years of use without repairs. But often, when we receive sensors for calibration, we can tell that misuse is leading to early deterioration.  Contact us

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Never Underestimate The Importance Of Understanding Your Industrial Laser!

Beam profiling in a nutshell Take a look at these images: You don’t have to be an expert to see that the six-month profile is less efficient than the factory one. These images show the natural degradation of a laser. It is through beam profiling that one would be aware that there are changes and…

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Measuring Laser Power and Energy With Ophir’s Laser Measurement Meters And Sensors: How To Learn More?

Ophir sensors and meters can measure laser energy, power output, pulse repeatability, and frequency from laser sources ranging from Ultraviolet to Far Infra-red and everything in between. Watch our introduction to laser measurement with power meters and sensors. Contact us

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BeamGage: The Next Generation of Laser Beam Analysis Software.

The latest software released by Ophir-Spiricon is BeamGagewhich is the first software that analyzes both laser power/energy (Ophir’s expertise) and beam profiling (Spiricon’s expertise) simultaneously. BeamGage which can be used with any PC with Windows XP and beyond at a 32-bit mode, uses time stamps on both the laser power meter readings and the beam profile…

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Smaller Is Better – A New Line of Thermal Laser Power Sensors.

An array of pins cool the device and keep its size down to around half of other comparable sensors on the market.The new line of Ophir thermal laser power sensors is out! These sensors are very compact because of their cooling systems.“These thermal laser power sensors are produced with a new manufacturing process that allows…

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