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Laser Cutting and Welding with High Quality

Ophir Spiricon developed BeamWatch, which is a solution that uses the properties of Rayleigh scattering to monitor the beam profile along its caustic (including focal point) in order to view focal size and shift, in real video frame rates.

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Destroy the Target, Not Everything Else: Beam Management in High-Power Directed Energy Laser Projects

Since Columbia University graduate student Gordon Gould and Bell Laboratories scientists Charles Townes and Arthur Schawlow (among others) coined the term LASER in the 1950’s, applications of the laser have seemed limitless. Working with these new discoveries had to be exciting, but applying hundreds of kilowatts of laser power, like the ones being used in…

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SPIE Photonics West 2023 Here We Come!

Going to San Francisco for “SPIE Photonics West 2020”?
You wouldn’t want to miss Ophir at Booth #927! Here is why…

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Ophir’s 2023 Laser Measurement Catalog is Here!

The new updated edition of our laser measurement catalog is ready!As in every year – it sets out the comprehensive range of laser power and energy sensors, meters and laser beam profiling systems for medical, industrial, defense, research applications and more. It is an easy and agile round-up with short descriptions and up-to-date technical specifications.…

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High-Power Lasers and Industry 4.0: Focusing on Knowledge

A new measurement procedure allows for the fast and contact-free measurement of the focused laser beam. At the same time, modern measuring devices have Profinet interfaces and allow the processes to be documented. These are enormous advantages, especially in times of just-in-time production. The challenge – everything has to fit perfectly Automated laser welding is…

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High Power Lasers: From Sci-Fi to Reality

Since their invention in 1960, lasers have become a fixture in science fiction, impressing the audience with their futuristic capabilities – namely, extreme precision and power. From Sci-Fi to reality Now, with decades of technological advancement, the gap between sci-fi and reality is closing. These days, lasers up to 70 or 75KW can be produced…

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On-demand Webinar: High Power laser measurement challenges and solutions

Monitoring laser behavior in high-power applications is critical to keeping your process running properly. However, that monitoring – the laser measurement itself – is not trivial. There are many “little things” one could do that might unknowingly mess with the measurement, or even damage the instrument. For example: • At what point should the cooling…

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Ophir New BeamPeek™: High Power Laser Beam Analysis and Power Measurement System for Additive Manufacturing

Our revolutionary BeamPeek At laser Munich 2022, we finally revealed our brand new BeamPeek – combined beam analysis & power measurement system specially designed for additive manufacturing chambers. As 3D SLM (Selective Laser Melting) and AM (Additive Manufacturing) systems have gained in popularity for the mass production of metallic parts, the components produced are becoming larger in…

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Here Comes the Revolution – BeamPeek, an Integrated Beam Analysis and Power Measurement System for Additive Manufacturing

We’re super proud and excited to introduce the Ophir® BeamPeek™, an integrated beam analysis and power measurement system for fast, accurate, real-time measurement of lasers in additive manufacturing chambers. Introduced at Laser World of Photonics (started yesterday), the BeamPeek system provides simultaneous beam profiling, focal spot analysis, and power measurement in just three (3) seconds.…

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Laser World of Photonics 2022 Here We Come!

With less than a week to go, the team at Ophir Photonics is getting ready to pack their bags and head off to Munich to attend the Laser World of Photonics.
Use a laser? You won’t want to miss us at Laser World of Photonics – Hall A6 booth 219!
Well, here’s a taste of what you will see there:

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Ophir New Laser Power Sensor: Measures High Repetition Rate, Short Pulse Industrial Lasers for Micromachining up to 200W

We are happy to introduce a new F150(200)A-CM-16 sensor, that recently joined Ophir’s catalog. This is Ophir’s second sensor based on the newly developed CM absorber, and it shows superior performance in some of its main parameters compared to its older sibling. In the following blog post, we will focus on several of its key…

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Quality Assurance in Additive Production

The Fraunhofer Research Institution for Additive Manufacturing Technologies (IAPT) has set a goal for itself to automate additive production and use this technology to manufacture the products of tomorrow in a resource efficient manner. The Goal: Deliver the Same Repeatable Results A consistently high level of quality in the manufactured components is decisive for whether…

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