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Beam Shaping for Space-Based Atmospheric Measurements

The ESA Living Planet Program is designed to find out more about our changing Earth. The Earth Explorer missions are the research missions of the Living Planet Program employing satellites with new laser measurement techniques. Among these, LIDAR-based instruments represent a recent promising area for monitoring wind, aerosols or trace gas pollutants. One main challenge…

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Beam Profile FAQ

FAQ- Should I upgrade to the latest version of BeamGage

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The Mystery of the Laser Parts that Failed Inspection

A story of a manufacturing engineer who found out his laser was not flat-topped as it was supposed to be. So that’s why the treated parts were failing quality control checks

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Never Underestimate The Importance Of Understanding Your Industrial Laser!

Beam profiling in a nutshell Take a look at these images: You don’t have to be an expert to see that the six-month profile is less efficient than the factory one. These images show the natural degradation of a laser. It is through beam profiling that one would be aware that there are changes and…

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