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How to measure a low power broadband light source?

Photodiodes are usually used to measure the power and energy of low power laser beams. Can photodiodes be used to measure low power broadband light sources? Laser measurement of high-power broadband light sources can easily be measured using standard thermal or pyroelectric sensors. Pyroelectric and thermal sensors generate an electrical current proportional to absorbed heat…

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Use StarLab to enhance your system efficiency

Many laser systems have beams propagating through several stages before the final beam is directed to its target. Monitoring laser performance of these systems is important but may be difficult.

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Modelling Infrared Radiation Exposure by Black body-Like Sources

Italian Occupational Safety researchers studied the exposure of workers to high intensity nonionizing radiation from proximity to hot bodies in order to determine if the exposure is harmful or not.

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Worms and Lasers: A Fascinating Story

In order to better understand the neuronal origins of human behavior, scientists from Harvard University studied the response of Celegans (transparent nematodes – worms) to the application of strategically applied laser beams. These Celegans have a well mapped, but simple nervous system which can serve as an adequate model for researching the human nervous system.…

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How Laser Measurement Helps Keep Solar Cell Manufacturing Green

The Green movement is encouraging the use of energy efficient technologies such as solar cells. This technology has been met with resistance due to its slow return on investment. This is coupled with the challenge of the efficiency of the material used. Reducing the cost of manufacturing solar cells is largely influenced by production efficiencies…

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The Microscopic Structure of Air/Water Interface with Wireless Laser Connection

I am a fifth year graduate student, working in the Saykally group at the University of California Berkeley. My research focuses on investigating air/water interfaces using second harmonic generation, a surface selective nonlinear optical technique. We are interested in investigating the microscopic structure of the air/water interface, as well as the effect of aqueous electrolytes…

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Laser Measurement in the Medical Industry

If you are a medical professional working with lasers, you quite probably come across different laser measurement challenges. You hold a huge responsibility towards your patients’ safety and health, not to mention that you need to fill the regulations of the FDA and the ANSI. The safety regulations for medical lasers are the strictest out…

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The New Sensor Finding Program Can Now Be Found On Our Site

The new Sensor Finder program on Ophir Laser Measurement website

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New Laser Filter For UV Lasers

Learn about new filters for UV lasers and the technology used to ensure smooth and accurate transmission through the filters to the beam profiler camera

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