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Increase Production Quality and Efficiency by Measuring with Ophir’s Helios Laser Power Meter

Ophir’s Helios industrial laser power meter is a compact instrument for measuring high power lasers. Designed with factory automation in mind,

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StarLab 3.30 screen capture feature – Simple, quick and ‘on the go’

In case you want your electronically record of laser measurements to be done quickly and effectively the ‘Screen Capture’ feature is the best way to go. ‘Screen Capture’ is a simple and quick method to save or print what is presently displayed in StarLab, Ophir’s Laser Measurement PC Software.

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Meet the Optical Vortex

Mark Ivker (Ophir’s Research Physicist) explains what would it take to fully characterize a general beam of light …

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StarLab 3.30 Pass/Fail limits feature – A closer look

In case you weren’t aware -The ‘pass/fail’ feature can be used as a tool to perform QA final inspection on the laser. Developers can use this to demonstrate the results of a prototype laser to Management (or even VC’s!) as part of the pitch for funding.
How? Read more:

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Laser measurement software from Ophir® can now measure laser power from anywhere! – Part 2

If you read our last blog post in the series, now you probably wondering – ‘How can I connect my EA-1 (Ophir’s Ethernet adopter) to StarLab laser measurement software?’ Well, not to worry – we’ve got that covered for you:

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The trick to measure your (pulsed laser) peak power

As an Ophir customer you have the ability to measure the peak power of a pulsed laser beam using Ophir laser measurement equipment. How? Read more…

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Keep Cool: Avoiding Sensor Drift

Mark Slutzki explains the difference between real life and theory and how it all connects to the way you can avoid Sensor Drift…

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Follow us on social! Here is why…

Our Ophir Photonics – Laser Measurement community is growing, and much of the conversation is happening on social media! We want to connect our laser enthusiasts followers from around the world though everyone’s favorite apps. Please, follow us on social! Ophir Photonics Group – Laser Measurement (Facebook) Ophir Optronics Solutions Ltd. / Laser Measurement – by Ophir Photonics (LinkedIn page/LinkedIn…

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MKS’ Ophir® Business Unit Announces StarLab 3.30, Laser Power/Energy Measurement Software

The new version supports expanded network access via the Ophir EA-1 Ethernet Adapter or Quasar Bluetooth Adapter, user-defined pass/fail limits, and multiple pre-defined startup configurations.

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Monitor & Control Your Laser Power with Wi-Fi

You can now add any standard power sensor into your Wi-Fi network! And here are 5 reasons why you should do it…

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How to Trap More Than 99.9% of a Laser Beam

Sometimes a laser is used in a “pass-through” setup, which begs the question: What happens to the laser after it passes through?

Consider for example a sensitive camera that is used to profile a laser. Beam splitters are often used to deflect only a small percent of the laser intensity into the camera. The other 90% or more passes straight through the splitter.

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Optical Alignment: A Simple Solution to an Infuriating Problem

Picture this:

You’re working on a complicated laser setup, with various beam splitters, attenuation, lenses and mirrors. You spend weeks optimizing the design, and months waiting for all the parts to arrive.

Now everything is here and you set it up to the millimeter.

And then the big moment. Where’s the laser?

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