Watch: How to Measure Low Power, Slowly Pulsing Beams (“Low Frequency Power”)

Are you trying to measure a low-power, slowly pulsing beam (think of a VCSEL beam for example) – and getting frustrated? Measuring low-power, slowly pulsing beams using photodiode sensors can be surprisingly tricky. Learn about the technical challenges you’ll face when trying to measure such beams, and about the Ophir solutions that will help you.…

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SPIE Photonics West 2023 Here We Come!

Going to San Francisco for “SPIE Photonics West 2020”?
You wouldn’t want to miss Ophir at Booth #927! Here is why…

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Ophir’s 2023 Laser Measurement Catalog is Here!

The new updated edition of our laser measurement catalog is ready!As in every year – it sets out the comprehensive range of laser power and energy sensors, meters and laser beam profiling systems for medical, industrial, defense, research applications and more. It is an easy and agile round-up with short descriptions and up-to-date technical specifications.…

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Measuring Challenges of Wide and Divergent Beams

Article by: Yoni Groisman, Karol Sanilevitch, Roei Yiftah, Dr. Simon Rankel VCSELs, LEDs, edge emitting, and fiber lasers are used in many sensitive applications within fast-growing markets. To guarantee the high quality of the devices, it is essential to analyze the beam profile, but those wide, divergent beams place specific requirements on the measurement system.…

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WB-I VIS: Wide Beam Imager for 350-1100nm wavelengths -Now operates with Ophir’s new, high resolution camera SP932U

The challenge Many applications involve widely diverging or large beams such as VCSELs, laser diodes, LEDs, and fiber lasers. Those devices operate in the UV, Visible, and NIR wavelengths and are used in many devices requiring 3D imaging, like face or gesture recognition, AR/VR, medical devices, and autonomous vehicles. To guarantee best performance in all…

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Laser World of Photonics 2022 Here We Come!

With less than a week to go, the team at Ophir Photonics is getting ready to pack their bags and head off to Munich to attend the Laser World of Photonics.
Use a laser? You won’t want to miss us at Laser World of Photonics – Hall A6 booth 219!
Well, here’s a taste of what you will see there:

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Ophir’s 2022 Laser Measurement Catalog is Here!

As every year – Ophir’s new 2022 catalog for laser measurement covers a wide range of laser power and energy sensors, meters and laser beam profiling systems for medical, industrial, defense, and research applications. The first section of the catalog is devoted to laser power meters, which consist of sensors (detectors) and meters (displays). Ophir online tools…

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Wide Beam Imager (WB-I) for 900-1700nm SWIR wavelength (SP90605)

A year ago, Ophir introduced a new product for wide and divergent beams, the Wide Beam Imager. Now Ophir is releasing evolutionary product a new version, designated for SWIR range of 900-1700nm, especially for the popular Eye Safe 1550 nm used in: Data Telecommunication Automotive Remote sensing Face and gesture recognition The new WB-I accessory…

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Watch On Demand Webinar: Measuring Laser Beam Power with Photodiode Sensors – How to Get it Right

If you use Photodiode-based sensors to measure your beam power, there are a number of issues that can affect the accuracy of your measurements– and with some of these, you won’t even know there’s a problem … In this webinar, you will learn about: Some strange anomalies when measuring low-power pulsed beams (such as beams…

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How to Use LabVIEW to Automate Measurement of High Frequency VCSEL

When measuring high frequency sources, one usually must decide whether they need to know the average power or the temporal pulse shape. Use a precision photodiode to measure average power, but a very fast photodiode must be used for pulse shape characterization. Ophir’s IS1.5-VIS-FPD800 sensor integrates both types of photodiode so you can measure average…

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Find the Ideal Measurement Solution for Your Laser Applications

As more and more fields employ optronics, special tools must be developed to ensure that the lasers and light-emitting devices in these applications are precise and perform within a very small margin of error. Ophir has a wide range of beam analysis tools that are the ideal choice for these optronics applications. Medical Applications You’re…

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Don’t miss Ophir’s Virtual Booth at the SPIE Photonics West 2021 Digital Exhibition!

Photonics West may be virtual this year, but we’ll be there to help you succeed with your challenging laser measurement projects and applications. It is well known that Ophir has a wide range of beam analysis tools that are the ideal choice for every laser measurement application. Here’s a little taste of the solutions you’ll…

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