The only hand-held Ophir meter that measures laser exposure/dosage

Usually, when discussing laser measurements, we often refer to the power or energy of the laser.

Sometimes though, we need to measure the total energy Exposure the total sum of the laser energy deposited over a set amount of time.

Measure Exposure? Why?

Exposure is an important laser parameter to measure in certain applications, specifically photolithography, medical lasers and UV curing.
In these applications, the instantaneous power of the laser is less important than the total exposure that the patient or wafer is exposed to.

We added a feature to our StarBright meter to support exposure measurements with a standard Ophir photodiode sensor.

StarBright is presently the only hand-held Ophir meter to support exposure measurements with a photodiode sensor.

In Exposure mode with a photodiode sensor, the StarBright meter is actually measuring power (at a rate of 15 times per second) and then sums computed results into accumulated energy over the elapsed time, which is displayed on the StarBright screen.

Measure Exposure? How?

You can measure exposure with a StarBright meter and a photodiode sensor via two methods: manual or timeout:
• Manual Exposure Measurement – you manually start/stop the exposure measurement.
• Timed Exposure Measurement – you first select a pre-set timeout interval, and then start the exposure measurement.

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