Watch: BeamWatch® Integrated – Automated Beam Measurement for Industrial High-Power Lasers

The Ophir BeamWatch Integrated is an industrial laser beam profiler developed to meet the needs of material processing users.
Designed for use with high-power laser beams, BeamWatch Integrated combines non-contact beam profiling of the BeamWatch family an Ophir power measurement sensor with high industrial standards in automation technology.

Fully automated Beam profiling and power measurement within seconds

Beam profiling and power measurement are integrated into a closed, robust housing. In addition to GigE, industrial interfaces such as ProfiNet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT or CC-Link are provided to easily integrate the system in automated production lines.

Within seconds, the fully automated measurement is done, and all laser parameters are instantaneously transferred.
Additionally, an OK/NOK (good/bad) output can be configured based on based on relevant process parameters.
In case of a NOK, the user can take corrective actions before bad parts are produced. For more info. watch below for more:

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