Watch: On-demand Webinar – Laser Measurement Solutions for Material Micro Processing Applications

If you use lasers in material “micro processing” applications – such as drilling via holes in PCBs, OLED display “lift-off”, cutting of smartphone cover glass – you already know how difficult the challenges are.

The often delicate combination of laser parameters – ultra short pulse duration, high repetition rate, perhaps short wavelength among others – can enable new and innovative processes, but they can also cause unexpected damage to the measurement tools you are trying to use to keep the process stable.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • – The unique ways these laser beams can affect materials (and how that makes new processes possible)
  • – Why “regular” measurement solutions can be easily (but unexpectedly) damaged by such beams
  • – New approaches especially designed for monitoring beams used in micro processing applications

And much more…

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