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Watch Product Overview: L40(500)A-LP2-DIF-35 Laser Power Sensor

Now you can measure high power, concentrated laser beams – with very high power densities – from a short exposure, without needing water cooling. Check out Ophir’s new power sensor, the L40(500)A-LP2-DIF-35.

The L40(500)A-LP2-DIF-35 is a thermal power/energy laser measurement sensor for high power density and very small diameters lasers. It has a 35mm aperture and can measure from 300mW to 40W continuously and to 500W intermittently. It can measure energy from 100mJ to 2,000J.

The sensor is able to measure high power lasers of up to 4kW with a 3.5mm diameter beams by measuring the energy of 0.4 – 4s exposure to the laser.



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