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What to Do if the Laser Power Sensor You’re Looking For is Obsolete

If you need a new sensor or meter to measure your laser power, you can find one easily at our website or sensor finder. We can measure all the commonly used commercial lasers and most others as well.

Ophir periodically releases new sensors and as old sensors become less relevant, they sometimes reach “end of life.” New sensors provide improvements, such as: better wavelength coverage or power range, higher absorption, better damage threshold, or more uniformity and accuracy.

If you need to replace your laser power sensor, but can’t find it on our website, check this page to see if it has been discontinued. If you find your old sensor on the list, you can see our recommended substitute in the column on the right. While the sensors are not identical, in most cases they are very nearly the same and can be substituted on the same laser without any issue.

That said, it is always prudent to check with our sensor finder (which will provide the new sensor as an option if relevant) or contact your Ophir representative for more personal assistance.



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