Author: Nicolas Meunier

Evolution of Measurement Technology for Laser-Based Additive Manufacturing Systems

Ophir BeamPeek, integrated power measurement and beam profiling In laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) processes, metal powder is selectively melted layer by layer using a laser beam. With layer thicknesses of typically 30 to 120 µm, exact adherence to the predefined beam parameters is an essential prerequisite for ensuring that the structures generated exhibit the…

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High Power, Cramped Spaces – Measurement Challenges in Additive Manufacturing

Laser-based additive manufacturing is transforming industrial processes and opening up new horizons in a variety of application areas. In the aerospace and automotive industries, for example, it makes it efficient to manufacture intricate parts according to lightweight construction principles; in medical technology, it has expanded the range of prostheses and orthoses; and in toolmaking, it…

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Enhanced Flexibility in Industrial Laser Power Measurement with Helios Plus

Laser systems are a key tool in many industrial production lines. The quality of the manufactured parts directly depends on whether the laser beam parameters are in spec. Measuring the laser power is the first step to ensure the quality of the laser-based process. The good news is that with our Helios Plus industrial measurement…

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