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Watch: BeamWatch® Integrated – Automated Beam Measurement for Industrial High-Power Lasers

The Ophir BeamWatch Integrated is an industrial laser beam profiler developed to meet the needs of material processing users. Designed for use with high-power laser beams, BeamWatch Integrated combines non-contact beam profiling of the BeamWatch family an Ophir power measurement sensor with high industrial standards in automation technology. Fully automated Beam profiling and power measurement…

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Laser Applications in OLED and microLED Display Manufacturing

Displays are all around us, from large TV screens to tiny displays inside AR/VR gear just in front of our eyes. Display technology has come a long way from the days of the bulky cathode ray tubes to transparent and flexible OLED displays utilizing light emitting organic molecules! As new technologies take their place on…

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NEW! Get your Laser Measurement ‘Content Fix’ On the Go with Playter!

Thanks to our new collaboration with Summurai we can now offer you the best of Ophir’s content summarized & read to you out loud. enjoy Ophir’s most popular blog posts, white papers and articles in a more convenient way, Enjoy our best content while driving, shopping or walking your dog.

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Thank You for Visiting Us at 2022 Laser World of Photonics Trade Show!

We would like to take a moment and thank all of  you who came by our booth (219) at the 2022 Laser World of Photonics Trade show! We hope you enjoyed (as much as we did) and had the chance to get a good look at our newest innovative products and have a chat with our experts.…

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Here Comes the Revolution – BeamPeek, an Integrated Beam Analysis and Power Measurement System for Additive Manufacturing

We’re super proud and excited to introduce the Ophir® BeamPeek™, an integrated beam analysis and power measurement system for fast, accurate, real-time measurement of lasers in additive manufacturing chambers. Introduced at Laser World of Photonics (started yesterday), the BeamPeek system provides simultaneous beam profiling, focal spot analysis, and power measurement in just three (3) seconds.…

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Laser World of Photonics 2022 Here We Come!

With less than a week to go, the team at Ophir Photonics is getting ready to pack their bags and head off to Munich to attend the Laser World of Photonics.
Use a laser? You won’t want to miss us at Laser World of Photonics – Hall A6 booth 219!
Well, here’s a taste of what you will see there:

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Ophir New High Power Measurement System: Reliable High Power Laser Measurement in any Environment

The use of high power lasers is constantly growing, and they are integrated in many applications – automotive EV body production and batteries manufacturing are good examples. Scientists and engineers are working constantly to develop and optimize laser processes for maximum production yield, while reducing downtime and scrap to minimum. Reliable and repeatable laser power…

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Watch: How to Keep a Tight Leash on High-Power Laser Processes

Laser beams with powers of many tens of kilowatts are becoming increasingly common in today’s industrial applications. However, as the powers increase, the stakes increase as well. In this webinar, we will discuss how to monitor appropriate laser parameters to keep high-power processes stable and predictable. So, here’s the agenda… We’ll start with a quick…

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Measuring Very Low Power IR Lasers with the RM9 Radiometer System

There are two main technologies commonly used today for measuring laser beam powers: Photodiode-based sensors, used for measuring low powers (from pW up to several hundred mW, typically); these are limited to spectral regions from the UV to the near IR, depending on the specific semiconductor used, and Thermal sensors, used for measuring higher powers;…

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Terahertz Technology- New Challenges, New Solutions

Terahertz (=THz) radiation is electromagnetic radiation located between the low-frequency far-infrared and the high-frequency microwave parts of the spectrum (from 0.3 to 3 x 1012 Hz, with a wavelength from 10 micrometers to 1 mm). THz radiation is unique because it combines useful properties of both radio waves and infrared waves. THz radiation can be…

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Understanding Your Laser Measurement Equipment Certificate of Calibration

Laser power sensors are the key to efficient and effective use of your laser system, whether you use it in a factory, medical facility, or research institution. To ensure the laser power sensors themselves remain accurate, they must be calibrated regularly. When you receive the sensor back from calibration, you will see a certificate of…

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Watch: How to Use the StarViewer Android App to Operate the Ariel

When you think of a laser power meter, you usually imagine a sensor connected by a cable to a device, a handheld meter, or perhaps a direct to PC interface. But that’s not always how it is. Sometimes a cable is not an option. In an additive manufacturing chamber for example, you want the sensor…

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