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Laser Measurement Solutions for High Power Industrial Laser Applications

Modern production facilities must constantly increase throughput, at less cost, with less scrap, and with minimum downtime. In this video overview, you will learn how application of new, advanced technology in measurement devices, can help both designers and users of industrial laser systems to optimize and control their processes, so they can accomplish these goals and achieve consistently good results – both in quality and quantity.

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The Top Mistake Medical Device Engineers Make When Designing Laser Integration

We’ve all been there before.

Struggling to reduce the cost of the BOM, we try to do everything ourselves.

After all, you’re an engineer, aren’t you? You have your own staff of hardware and software engineers, mechanical engineers, physicists, and anyone else you might need.

So, if there’s a complex part that adds a significant cost to your BOM, you’ll try to cut corners. “Let’s see how we can design that ourselves,” you say…

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Laser Medical Device Engineers:How to Integrate Laser Measurement Faster

You might not need something for months, but when you need it, you need it yesterday.

So the saying goes for start-ups, but I expect it holds true for all companies.

The problem is, you aren’t just buying off-the-shelf sensors and figuring out where to stick them into your medical device. You need a custom solution.

Custom solutions take time to design, by definition.

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A Glimpse into the Life of Ophir CTO Ephraim Greenfield

What’s the one quality you need to be a great scientist? Intelligence?  Diligence? If you ask Ephraim Greenfield, co-founder of Ophir, he’ll probably tell you it’s a mixture of luck and being willing to just go ahead and try something.

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Cooling of OEM Sensors: Heat Sinking

Many of Ophir’s OEM power sensors have a maximum average power specification of “XX watts free standing, YY watts heat sinked.” In this video, you will learn some guidelines for making sure that a sensor has been provided with proper heat sinking so it does not get damaged.

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Do You Know the Power Density of Your Laser?

Lasers can be dangerous. For you, for your workspace, and for your measurement equipment. Some people assume high power is the problem and low power is safe.  This isn’t necessarily the case, though.  What you really want to look at is the power (or energy) density of the laser.

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OEM Laser Energy Sensors

The beauty of integrating an OEM sensor into your laser system is you get to call the shots. What matters to you the most?  Accuracy?  Size?  Output type?

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Measuring Very High Power Laser Beams: Challenges and Solutions

Laser beams with powers of many tens of Kilowatts are becoming more and more common in today’s applications, industrial as well as research. This video will discuss the technical challenges in measuring such lasers, and will show you a range of solutions now available from Ophir for measuring up to 100KW — safely, and accurately.

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How to Calibrate Your Laser

If you use a laser seriously you probably already know that just because you turn the knob up to 100 W, there’s no guarantee that the laser is outputting 100 W of power. First, why should you calibrate your laser?

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Measuring beams coming out of a fiber

When you need to measure a beam coming out of a fiber, there are some parameters that might have a somewhat different meaning than they do when referring to “regular” beam measurements. Missing some of these points could lead to incorrect measurement, and possible equipment damage.

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How to Measure High Power Laser Beams. Really High.

Usually, deciding how to measure your laser is a task of sifting through the various providers to find the laser power meter that best fits your needs.  For some lasers, however, the difficulty is not in choosing a power meter, but in finding one at all.

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Which Laser Power Meter is Right for You?

Getting the right laser power or energy meter is like anything else.  Take pens, for example. Sometimes, I just want a simple pen. Why does the salesman keep trying to offer me the deluxe pen-knife, complete with compass, GPS and calculator?  I just want the pen to write with. I’m sure you’ve all said something…

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