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How to measure a Barcode scanning laser? [Updated]

Measuring the power of scanning lasers such as barcode scanners presents a problem. A bar code laser beam scans back and forth at a very high frequency so an ordinary photodiode power meter will not measure the power in the beam but rather the average power impinging on it, i.e. the power times the fraction of time the beam is on the detector. Therefore, when exposed to a scanned beam, the reading will be much lower than the actual power in the beam. For example, if a scanning laser delivers 2mW to a photodiode sensor and the beam is on the sensor only 1% of the time, the instrument will read only 0.02 mW.

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What Is an ND Filter? How You Should (and Shouldn’t) Use It

Short answer: A neutral density attenuator. Meaning? Long(er) answer: A filter that attenuates all wavelengths equally.  Well, that’s an ideal ND filter, anyway.  A real one affects different wavelength differently, but the difference is kept to a minimum.

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