Don’t Come to Our LASER World of PHOTONICS Booth Unless…

Going to Munich for LASER World of PHOTONICS 2015?

We’ll be showing several new products in Munich, not to mention quite a few of our classics.


You’re going to be busy.  You can’t (and shouldn’t) go to every booth.  So I’m going to be very clear.  Our booth is not for everyone.  However, if you…

  • have trouble aligning your laser,
  • aren’t sure why your laser produces poor quality parts,
  • want more features in your laser power meter,
  • or you just can’t find a sensor that can handle extremely high power (or low power, or large beams)

… then you should stop by Ophir in Hall B3, Stand 319 for a live demo.

I’m going to split this by laser type so you can decide whether you want to stop by, and what you should ask to see.

Products marked green can be seen in a live demo, others can be seen but aren’t set up with a light source to be measured.

Low Power

  • 10A-PPS – Besides power, this also measure position and size, so it’s very useful for laser alignment.
  • PD300 – This is our classic low power sensor (hundreds of pW up to hundreds of mW)
  • RM9 – A new sensor that measures down to 100 nW, with a wide spectral range

High (and VERY high) Power

  • L100(500) – A new sensor that can measure 500 W or 6000 J without water cooling
  • L6000W – Has a 200 mm square aperture, far larger than any of our other sensors
  • 10K-W – Our classic 10 kW sensor
  • 30K-W – Our more recent 30 kW sensor
  • 120K-W – Our newest sensor that can handle up to 120 kW of power!

Pulsed Lasers

  • FPE80BF-DIF-C – For lasers with high average power
  • PE25BF-C – Classic medium-high energy sensor
  • FPS-1 – Capture the pulse shape with this fast PD, connects to a scope

LEDs and Divergent Beams

  • PD300RM – Measures irradiance and dosage of UV, visible and near IR LEDs
  • IS6 Integrating sphere – The only way to measure the total power of divergent beams

Meters (Displays) and PC Interfaces

  • StarBright – Newest color power meter, has more functions than any of our others
  • StarLite – New basic, low-cost meter
  • Vega / Nova II – Most popular, many features. (Vega has a color screen, otherwise these two are the same.)
  • Juno – Small PC interface makes it feel like you’re connecting the sensor directly to your PC
New Beam Profilers

See You There!

If you need to measure a laser, you should stop by our booth.

Don’t miss your chance to get advice from the leading laser measurement experts.

Flickr creative commons image via thematthewknot

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