Integrating Spheres for Lighting and Laser Diode Measurement

An integrating sphere is a powerful tool to capture all the light of a widely divergent beam.  The inside of the sphere is coated to be highly-reflective, in a diffuse manner.  This scatters the light uniformly over the entire interior surface of the sphere (after multiple reflections).

Newport Integrating Spheres

Integrating spheres are used for several different purposes, such as test and measurement of:

  • Divergent light or LED power
  • Laser diode output power
  • Fiber optic power output
  • Collimated laser beam power
  • Diffuse Transmittance
  • Diffuse Reflectance

… As well as a uniform light source (by leaving one port open).

Find out more about integrating spheres and their applications here.

New Ophir Integrating Spheres

IS6 6-Inch Integrating Sphere

For many years, we had only one basic integrating sphere at Ophir – the 3A-IS.  This is still a popular choice, especially since its unique double sphere design allows for higher uniformity (since it doesn’t need a baffle).

However, we have some new integrating spheres for larger beams, and a wider UV and IR spectrum.

The IS-1 is a 1-inch sphere while the IS6 spheres are larger, at 6 inches.  These spheres are coated with PTFE (Teflon) for a spectrum from 200-2200 nm.

We also have a unique port plug cover which is black to simulate an open port. This allows closing of ports without changing the overall internal reflectance, which would necessitate recalibration of the sphere.

Find out more here:–measurement/laser-power-energy-meters/products/Laser-Photodiode-Sensors/Integrating-Spheres

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