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Laser Power Meter and Sensor Compatibility

Ophir laser power sensors have a smart head which allows for complete plug-and-play, where any sensor works with any meter.  The smart head stores all the sensor settings (such as calibration information) so they are saved even when using a different power meter.

That said, there are a few compatibility issues you’ll want to be aware of.  The following tables sum up all the exceptions:

Power Meters:

Sensor Family


Nova II





BC20 Yes Yes Yes Yes No* Yes
PD300-CIE Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
PD300RM No No No No Yes Yes
PE-C Yes Yes Partial** Partial** Yes Yes
PE (legacy) Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Rapid Pulse (RP) No No Yes No No No
BeamTrack Yes Yes No*** No*** Yes Yes
All other sensors Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

PC Interfaces:

Sensor Family





BC20 No* No* No* No*
PD300-CIE No No No No
PE-C Yes Partial** Partial** Partial**
PE (legacy) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rapid Pulse (RP) No No No Yes
BeamTrack Yes No*** No*** No***
All other sensors Yes Yes Yes Yes

*      These power meters and PC interfaces only measure static beams (not scanned beams).

**     Power meters and PC interfaces which have partial support of the PE-C energy sensors are usable with the sensor, including some of the benefits of the new PE-C line, but lack the following features:

  • User selectable threshold
  • Only 2 out of 5 pulse width settings (refer to the sensor’s spec sheet to see which two)

Additionally, the Nova needs a special adapter to function at all with a PE-C sensor.

***   Although the power meters and PC interfaces indicated do not support the BeamTrack position and size features, they are still compatible with the sensor for use as a simple thermal power sensor.


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