Advancing Innovation: MKS Enhances IP Portfolio with Patent for Ophir® BeamPeek®



Exciting News Alert: MKS Photonics Solutions Division is thrilled to unveil the latest addition to its intellectual property treasure trove! We’ve just secured a patent for the groundbreaking architecture of Ophir® BeamPeek™, a cutting-edge beam analysis and power measurement system tailor-made for the fast-paced world of additive manufacturing.

Picture this: in just three quick seconds, the BeamPeek system works its magic, delivering precise measurements of beam diameter, waist location, power, power density, and divergence. How’s that for efficiency?

Now, let’s talk design. Our patented dual-compartment setup is the secret sauce behind BeamPeek’s prowess. One compartment houses optical sensors, meticulously calibrated to capture the essence of high-power laser beams. Across the aisle, you’ll find another compartment sporting a nifty removable and replaceable passive cooling beam dump tray. This tray’s job? Absorb the lion’s share of the high-power beam’s energy, ensuring smooth sailing for our optical sensors.

But wait, there’s more! An optical window nestled between the compartments allows a generous slice of the beam to pass through, while the beam dump heroically absorbs the rest. This smart setup not only shields our sensors from harm but also eliminates the need for pesky water or fan cooling systems.

Plus, here’s the cherry on top: the ability to swap out trays means minimal downtime between measurement sessions. Efficiency, meet innovation!

With our patented BeamPeek system leading the charge, the future of additive manufacturing just got a whole lot brighter. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries of possibility in the world of photonics!

Read full patent description here

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