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Measuring a laser is quite a challenging task; many parameters need to be taken into consideration. While choosing the right sensor is key, it is not the end of the story. Regular calibration of power and energy sensors, recertification of beam profilers, and distinctive expertise in handling the measurement device gives you confidence in your measurement.

Central hub for providing fast and efficient service to our customers in Europe

During the past few years, we have heavily invested in the expansion of our Ophir Service Laboratory in Europe.
Located in Darmstadt, Germany; it serves as a central hub for providing fast and efficient service to our customers.

Our dedicated service benches for pyroelectric, thermal, and photodiode sensors are equipped with state-of-the-art lasers. Sensors used in medical applications are calibrated on an individual medical bench; high power calibrations are performed in a safe housing with a 3kW laser.
All camera-based profilers are recertified and serviced by specially trained personnel on a separate bench.

In addition to standard recalibrations or recertifications, we offer multiple service options such as Extended Warranty, Expedite Service or OEM calibrations. Our highly educated and well-trained laboratory staff delivers high-end repair services.

Harsh industry environments, sensitive medical applications, precise R&D labs and stressful service tasks – no matter how you use your Ophir measurement devices, we want to make sure you get the best results in terms of safety and cost-effectiveness.

Learn all you need to know about valuable insights and best practices for ensuring that your laser measurements remain reliable long into the future and how you can benefit from the enhanced services MKS offers in its Ophir laboratories around the world here.

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