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Ophir Photonics’ BeamGage® Laser BeamAnalysis Software Adds Support for 64-bit Processing & Large Format Cameras

May 2, 2011 – Logan, UT – Ophir Photonics Group, the global leader in precision laser measurement equipment, today announced BeamGage® version 5.5, the company’s next generation laser beam analysis software. The new version supports 64-bit versions of Windows® Vista and Windows 7, as well as the USB L11058 Large Format Beam Profiling Camera. The 11 mega-pixel, 35mm format L11058 is designed for measuring large laser beams. Its high resolution, 4008 x 2672 pixel format allows profiling of beams up to 24 x 36 mm without requiring reduction optics. Frame rates of up to 3.1 frames per second at full resolution increase throughput and productivity. BeamGage version 5.5 also provides more efficient processing by supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows® Vista and Windows 7. 64-bit versions address more physical memory, minimizing the time required to swap processes and increasing program performance.

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