Laser Development On The Fast Track

Companies from all over the world seek out ALPhANOV in France to develop prototypes of ultra-short pulse laser systems, fiber amplifiers, and other optical components.

AlphaNOV is in the business of assisting other companies to innovate and create new products. And that means that they do quite a bit of RnD on new or untested fibers.
Their engineers were looking for a reliable measuring device to test the fiber’s modal behavior while ensuring quality and consistency across each fiber. The gauges they were using took a half a day to set up and didn’t provide consistent results.

AlphaNOV’s needed measuring devices that could calculate beam propagation, astigmatism, and beam shape – at record speed and with consistent accuracy.

Enter Ophir’s BeamSquared BSQ-SP920

BeamSquared met all of AlphaNOV’s parameter requirements. It has software that determines diameter, beam waist position, divergence, Rayleigh length, diffraction index M2, astigmatism, and asymmetry.
What’s more, BeamSquared can be positioned horizontally or vertically, and can even fit into small spaces.
It requires only minutes to set up and multiple measurements yield repeatably consistent results. In fact, results are available in seconds –100 times faster than AlphANOV’s previous gauges. To top it all off, the AlphaNOV team was able to install BeamSquared all on their own.

All in all, with Ophir’s BeamSquared system, ALPhANOV saw a considerable increase in quality and they were able to significantly optimize the development process for their customers.

To read more about our work with AlphaNOV, check out the full pdf. (Laser Development On The Fast Track)

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