The New Sensor Finding Program Can Now Be Found On Our Site

Our website has been completely refurbished. It has become much easier to use with its new interface. We now provide 3D Solid files of our laser power/energy sensors (which can be found next to the sensors’ datasheets) so that you can easily integrate the sensor into your product or machine. We’ve also put a new program into the site, the Sensor Finder, which helps you find all the sensors that will work with your laser.
The Sensor Finder
It can be an overwhelming job to find the perfect power/energy sensor for your laser. Now we have a new free program available for use on the site. It is called the Sensor Finder and through it you will be able to find a list of sensors that are guaranteed to work with your laser under the conditions that you state. What you need to do is feed the program the laser characteristics information and the type of measurement required (power only or both energy and power).
As long as the information was entered correctly, the results are sensors that are guaranteed to work with your laser. It shows you how close your laser is to each sensor’s damage threshold so that you are able to pick a sensor that is well below the damage threshold. You are also given information of maximum pulse width limitations.



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