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How Laser Measurement Helps Keep Solar Cell Manufacturing Green

The Green movement is encouraging the use of energy efficient technologies such as solar cells. This technology has been met with resistance due to its slow return on investment. This is coupled with the challenge of the efficiency of the material used. Reducing the cost of manufacturing solar cells is largely influenced by production efficiencies…

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The Microscopic Structure of Air/Water Interface with Wireless Laser Connection

I am a fifth year graduate student, working in the Saykally group at the University of California Berkeley. My research focuses on investigating air/water interfaces using second harmonic generation, a surface selective nonlinear optical technique. We are interested in investigating the microscopic structure of the air/water interface, as well as the effect of aqueous electrolytes…

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Image Profile Of A Lens Or Optical System Using NanoScan

Best Focus and Minimum Spot Diameter Using a NanoScan and standard optical accessories, acceptance testing and final system performance of a lens, lens assembly, optical subsystem, or overall system test may be measured. The NanoScan was developed to quickly and accurately evaluate a real-time measurement of an spatial image. This is done by evaluating the…

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Beam Shaping for Space-Based Atmospheric Measurements

The ESA Living Planet Program is designed to find out more about our changing Earth. The Earth Explorer missions are the research missions of the Living Planet Program employing satellites with new laser measurement techniques. Among these, LIDAR-based instruments represent a recent promising area for monitoring wind, aerosols or trace gas pollutants. One main challenge…

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Driving Blind: Why the Need for Industrial Laser Beam Profiling?

It’s time to buy another car.  Like everyone else these days, you’re a bit cost-conscious, so you’re looking at getting the most for your money.  You decide to see what the local used car lot has to offer.  Before you get out of your car, the slick used car salesman approaches you, shoves a card into…

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What’s M-Squared and Why Should I Care?

Here’s a surprising statistic: Nine out of ten laser technicians have no idea what M2 is. Most laser beam characteristics are easy to put your finger on.  Qualities like laser beam width, position and divergence angle are generally known to those that work with lasers Contact us

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Laser Measurement in the Medical Industry

If you are a medical professional working with lasers, you quite probably come across different laser measurement challenges. You hold a huge responsibility towards your patients’ safety and health, not to mention that you need to fill the regulations of the FDA and the ANSI. The safety regulations for medical lasers are the strictest out…

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Beam Profile FAQ

FAQ- Should I upgrade to the latest version of BeamGage

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The Mystery of the Laser Parts that Failed Inspection

A story of a manufacturing engineer who found out his laser was not flat-topped as it was supposed to be. So that’s why the treated parts were failing quality control checks

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Laser Power Meter Usage in Law Enforcement

The Ophir Nova or Laserstar series power meters, along with the appropriate photodiode sensors are used on a daily basis for technical support and calibration of police lidar devices. Lidar instruments help enforce speed limits and they are also used at crime scenes and vehicle crashes in order to accurately reconstruct scenes. Contact us

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Laser power/energy measurement today

The three basic technologies of laser power/energy measuring have not changed over the last 10 years.
They are:
1. Thermopile detectors
2. Photodiode detectors
3. Pyroelectric detector

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