How to Know If My Camera-Based Laser Beam Profiler Is Accurate?



Customers ask us how they can know if their laser beam profiler is accurate. This is an excellent and important question but unfortunately, there is no simple answer. The fact is that there is no calibration available for laser beam profilers. The next best thing is to use top quality pieces and technology so that we can conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that the profiling is indeed accurate.The article “A discussion of laser beam profiling and the subject of accuracy” goes in depth explaining what in the Ophir-Spiricon analyzers leads to high accuracy. Two of the main factors that create accuracy in our products are the following:

  1. The imager: The cameras in our profilers are so accurate that any discrepancy is inconsequential. This is achieved by using pixels created through semiconductor photolithography, a very precise process. The distance between the pixels is in the range of angstroms (0.1 nanometers) and any variation at that level is inconsequential.
  2. The image processing and data computation: It isn’t enough for the camera to be accurate. The processing of the data must be accurate as well. In some cases, where there is a lack of correct algorithms, the results could be no more than a good approximation. Our algorithms are very advanced but to make sure of this, we test every single piece of our software against simulations that are written independently of our software so as not to cross contaminate the process.

We also recently came out with a very helpful feature called BeamMaker which is integrated into BeamGage, our latest software. BeamMaker generates a mathematically perfect laser beam so that users can play around with their software in order to make sure they know how to use it properly.

You can read the full article to learn more about the camera, electronic processing, A/D (analogue to digital) conversion, image processing and data computations in the Ophir-Spiricon profilers.

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